Import of multiple Powerpoint

May 21, 2014


I need to make a massive import of Powerpoint files in a lot of different Storyline files, due to a conversion with an old e-learning system.

One big help for us could be that for each Storyline file, we will be able to make import of multiple PPT files in a row, without needing to make conversion one per one.

Is there any way to do that with current Storyline version?



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Jacob Olivier

HI Ashley,

Thanks for your fast answer.

I already thought to have my multiple Powerpoint files combined into a big one, but as I want that each PPT should correspond to a scene into Storyline, it may be quite tricky...

If I have 5 PPT with 10 slides for each, your proposal will be to create a big PPT of 50 slides that I may import.

But, after that import, I will have to split back this huge scene into 5 scenes...

I'm afraid it may be even time consuming...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacob, 

Yes, if you'll want them all in different scenes, you'll need to do the import individually. You mentioned using them in multiple Storyline files though, so I would suggest setting up a brand new Storyline file that includes these 5 scenes - and then you can choose to import that larger Storyline file into your other files and keep the scene structure for ease of moving them around. 

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