Import PowerPoint grouped shape with image fail

Hi, I'm attempting to import a funky PowerPoint effect into SL from Andrzej Pach's tutorial 'How to Design a Good Slide PowerPoint Tutorial | PowerPoint Slide Design'. Ref.

Essentially, I've grouped several rounded rectangles and filled with an image that fills the shapes (treated as 1 object , not repeated).  I get a lovely effect but when I import into Storyline 2 or 3 whilst the shapes are still grouped the image doesn't display. In SL if I fill with the grouped shape with an image it's repeated (see slide 2)

I've looked at passed discussions and also PowerPoint tips and can't see this particular issue listed. Guessing it's not supported which is a shame. I can't recreate the effect within SL. I was able to export the shapes as a Windows meta file but it has graininess and also I can't animate each shape individually.  Alternatively, I could try creating the shapes in Illustrator.

Attached the PowerPoint and Storyline files.


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Alex Arathoon

Thanks for the quick response Crystal. I ended up using Illustrator to create a clipping mask of an image using 3x rounded rectangles. I then saved each separately as a transparent .png, and imported each into SL. Then I used a fade entrance animation for each (from the right) applying a slight delay to each.

Illustrator is easier to create accurate designs than PowerPoint. It shows that 1 tool is not enough and having some graphic experience pays dividends. Output attached.  I'm pretty happy with the result although I may apply a slight stroke as the images look a bit choppy.