Import PowerPoint into Storyline - Master slides not 1:1


I am importing PowerPoint slides into Storyline. I understand that it's not a perfect process and that some tweaking such as text, fonts, alignment..etc will need to be manually done in SL after importing; however I am experiencing an issue with master slides that I haven't found in these forums or elsewhere.

After importing PPT into SL, the Master (layout) slides are all wrong and seem mixed up. It's almost as if SL randomly choose which master slide to use for each slide. No pattern I can see so far.

I tried a number of fixes including copy/paste slides into new deck, renaming master slides, and removing unused master slides. Nothing has worked so far.

I did notice that after the import, SL renames ALL the master slides to "Untitled Slide". Is that renaming expected behavior when doing PPT imports?

As a side note, I am starting in Google Slides, then converting to PPT, and then importing into SL. The PPT looks fine after converting but just thought I would mention that my starting point is G-Slides in case it matters.

Any help? Thank you!

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