Import PPT Sections into Storyline Scenes

Aug 23, 2013

I haven't see this posted yet.  I have submitted a feature request for this.  Now I wanted to open discussion about this for others to comment.

When developing a slide deck in PowerPoint 2010 (or newer) we can create and name sections in the slide sorter to help organize and segregate sections of slides in the training.  

I am requesting to be able to import a PowerPoint slide deck with sections into Storyline, and have Storyline convert the sections into scenes (as organized in PowerPoint).  Each scene imported into Storyline would be named and contain the slides as organized in PowerPoint.

I hope this explanation clarifies what I mean:

I find that developing slides, including the layers for interactions on separate slides, is faster and easier in PowerPoint than in Storyline.  Then I import the slides and copy/paste the info into layers to create my interactions.  I create sections in the PPT file for better organization and navigation in PPT, and the sections I create reflect the scenes I will create in Storyline.  But, when I import the deck into Storyline I have to create all the scenes and copy/paste the slides into the scenes and this takes a lot of time for big decks.  It would be a great feature and time saver if we could import a PPT slide deck with sections and have Storyline convert the sections into scenes

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