Import Quiz from xls template using articulate template


I hope someone can help me with an easy way doing the below.

This is what I want to do:

1. Import questions from xls template (various like MC questions and essay).

2. Reuse a template/layout, for look ex. screen size

3. Reuse triggers on questionsslides from existing quiz/template

4. Track results of questions ex. Multible choise questions in a resultslide

5. Track the written essay and graded answers (LIK) in the scorm package


I made a quiz already where a 100% score is needed. If they have below 100%, they have to retake the failed questions only. I only have Multiblechoise questions in this and therefore only 1 resultslide. This resultslide is also counting the amount of times the users spend on getting 100%.

This is really nice, but I how can I easily reuse the triggers and make it even more complex with a mix of quietions types.


Somemone how can help?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Henriette,

I can certainly try to help you out with your questions here.

1. You can import questions from your Excel file to Storyline 360. Check out our tutorial here and be sure to use the template supplied.

2. You have the ability to use custom templates withing Storyline 360 as well and we have some documentation here as well.

3. Triggers are custom to the project, but based on this question it sounds like using master slides may be a better fit for you. Import your questions, then apply the slide masters to the question slides. Check out this documentation.

4. You can certainly track your graded question slides in a Result Slide in Storyline 360.

5. You can track this result slide in a compatible LMS. Be sure to set up your tracking as needed when you publish for LMS.

You also mentioned a mix of question types. There are 20 types of graded/survey questions built into Storyline 360 for you to use.

Hope that helps :)

Henriette Krohn

Hi Leslie
Thanks a lot for your REPLY.
No. 1 +2, I am already using to this :-)
For no. 3, yes this sounds like the way to go, BUT I have tried it out and runs in to these issues:
I have created a template with my custom slide layouts. The layout contains 2 layers including triggers and the base layer also contains triggers. So step by step I do this: Open SL 360 - import template - import questions from xls template - apply new layout to the imported questionslides. Unfortunately my layer triggers are not added to the slides.

For 4, I am in doubt about how to Work with more resultslides. 1 for MC and one for graded questions. I will do some testing on that.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henriette, 

Since you want triggers to on your layers that reference particular slides and variables based on what slide the user is viewing, you can't add those to a slide master. You'll need to add them to the individual layers once you've created your questions. 

I took a look at your slides in Scene 3 and saw the blue continue button although it doesn't appear in any of your feedback masters, and I see that our team is looking into a similar issue where the continue button appears on new questions even if you've removed it from your feedback master. I'll let you know as soon as I have an update here from our team about that bug but in the meantime, you can apply the feedback master layers to those individual layers after you import the questions and remove the blue continue button.