Import Slide from Version 3.3 to Version 3.2

Oct 20, 2018

Hi guys,

Previous my colleague imported PowerPoint slides via Articulate Storyline version 3.3 and done almost all the animation. Now i only realise he used wrong version of Articulate Storyline. Due to customer LMS specification,  they only be able to view the SCORM published by version 3.2. 

My question now, is he able to import all the slides from version 3.3 to version 3.2? 

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calvin goh
Phil Mayor

I don't suppose it will be a problem, the only way to find out is to try, it may be the file cannot be opened. It may just be as simple as opening the file in 3.2 instead of importing.

When he tried to open the file in 3.2, an message pop out, "This project uses features that are not available in this version of Storyline. Please upgrade to the latest version in order to open this project."

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