Import Spanish SRT files - Closed Caption not showing correctly on screen.

When I use the following as text in my imported SRT file , it turns the letter o with the ' over it into question marks.


Ahora que tenemos el módulo de visualización abierto, vemos las comunicaciones, la alimentación y el video para la vela, topper o topper LCD.

Is there a setting I missed ? I have 23 SRT files translated by an outside vendor for this one course alone ( with 8 more courses to go).

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, John.  Thanks for sharing the image.  That is a lot of translated captions, so let's figure out what's happening.

When creating captions in Storyline directly, I'm able to use your above text without issue.  I don't have a translated SRT file to test, however.  Could you share a video and  the relevant SRT file with me for testing?  You can attach both here in the discussion.  If the content is sensitive, feel free to upload it to us privately here.  You have a Team subscription, which means you get priority support!