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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sylvia

this is the explanation in a tutorial - hope it helps

Current Scene: This adds the slides to the current scene.
Same as imported template: This adds the slides to your project, using the same scene structure as the template you're importing from.
New Scene: This creates a new scene in your project and adds the selected slides to it. If you choose this option, you'll also be able to customize the scene name. A Scene field appears to the left of the Import button where you can enter the scene name.


Sylvia Wright

After reading through all the info I'm thinking that in setting up a project specific template the best thing to do is to import any template that I may possibly use, each in "same as imported template" format, set any global settings (ie slide resume or reset, color scheme, font scheme), etc and then save the whole thing as a template.  The course I am working on is based on one that has 22 lessons (in print).  I am planning, at this point to put each lesson in it's own file so that our international viewers in areas with unbelievably slow and unreliable internet won't lose all of their work when the net fails.

So, based on the above, would I start each lesson from the master template that has all of the imported templates and then just delete any that I don't use in that particular lesson?  Is there anything about this I should be alert to or careful of?  Any better or other suggestions/experiences out there or samples I can view of others' work?