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Aug 17, 2015

Hello , I am working on a big project articulate Storyline 2. I planned three courses ( about 100 000ko ) . I wish I import them into a project. The worry is that the plant is software when downloading or when recording . The project will be after scormé and integrated into a platform. Is what it is possible to import all in one project without it crashes ? Thanks for your answers

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ophelie deroubaix

Thanks for the reply . But I import well as it should . But I unable importer of Voluminous project .... In another project .... Surely it is ko to the project.  
I have three each project that represents a specific path of the learner. And I would like to import them into a project which will offer three courses . When I want to import a project in my original project ... It crashes the software ...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ophelie,

There isn't a limit on overall file size, but as Leslie mentioned the larger it gets the more taxing it'll be on your system. Some things to keep in mind:

ophelie deroubaix

My solution is :


Considering that these modules contain large number of Slides and errors out when integrating the Slides (into a single module), you can opt to publish the contents separately. Then, add a "Jump to URL" Trigger on the main content that will redirect your learners to the corresponding contents.


As an example:

 Project_1 = Main Course

Projet_2 = Secondary module.

 1. Publish "Projet_2" and upload it to your LMS or Web server. Then, get the URL to the published content.

2. Open "Project_1" and go to Slide that contains the Main Page:

3. Insert a Button with the following Trigger: 

Action: Jump to URL/file

File: (Link to published "Project_1" content)

When: User Clicks

Object: Button 1

and guaranteed success!


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