Import video of software demo and create step-by-step video?

Hi. I'm new to Articulate. I have about 35 videos with audio, in .WAV and .MP4 formats, demonstrating "how to" stuff for a software app. Is there any way to import these videos and created the step-by-step video in Articulate or must I re-record the videos in Articulate? I'm sure hoping there is a way to import them, or a process I can use to import one-by-one to repurpose them rather than having to recreate each video. Fingers crossed. Thanks!

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Ian Jaffe

It will probably be easier for you to re-record them in Storyline. You can't really do a direct import unless you plan on using each video as an object on a single slide. You could record the playback of the video in Storyline, duplicate the original slide as needed, use the action fine tuning to play back the corresponding recording segment for each slide, import the audio for each slide, and add any captions to each slide, but honestly that is probably more work than just recording it again in Storyline.