Imported PowerPoint has blurry slide master


I recently imported a PowerPoint deck previously used for ILT to convert the course to an e-learning format in SL360. My org would prefer I use our branded slide master as often as possible for any learning function. When I imported the deck, in preview and in a test of a published version, the degradation of the graphics on my slide master is pretty significant. I don't have this issue in PowerPoint because the image quality supplied by the master slide is high resolution. Help! I'd really prefer not to start from scratch and build a new slide master just for use in SL360.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you’re running into some blurriness with your graphics after importing. 

It could be that your presentation size in Powerpoint is larger than the size in Storyline 360. Take a look at the first item in this article and see if resizing your Storyline slide to match your Powerpoint size helps!