Imported Presenter project won't play

Hi all. 

I have a Presenter09 project that I converted to SL2 and uploaded to our LMS, which displays a white screen instead of slides, and a "Page cannot be found" for all of the engage interactions. 

What am I doing wrong? SL2 continuously crashed when I imported the P09 project, so I ended up importing the content, engage, and quizmaker components separately.

All the engage web object folders are definitely included in the SCORM2004 output file (.zip). I tried publishing to CD and got the same result when trying to view locally.

Is this an indication that my LMS won't allow the web objects? Will I have to rebuild the course from scratch, or are there work arounds? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Have you looked at testing outside your LMS in SCORM Cloud for example which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content? Also, what update of Storyline are you using? There was an issue corrected in the recent update where Quizmaker '09 files weren't able to be imported. 

Steve McAneney

Thanks Ashley. I already have the latest version of Storyline2 installed. I tried uploading the course to SCORM CLoud, and I'm not happy with the delay loading the engage slides (a couple of seconds, compared to about 1/2 a second when viewing native Presenter content). I'll rebuild the course in Storyline. If I get time I'll submit a feature request too, but to be honest, it is hard to prepare the appropriate info/files for a feature request with my work load. Will try. Thanks.

Steve McAneney

Thanks again Ashley, but what the upload to SCORM Cloud also proved was that my LMS wasn't allowing the web objects to be played. I could try and have my LMS changed, and then reduce the loading times for the web objects, but I think the better solution is to rebuild the course in SL2, with NO web objects.