imported quiz summary slide not giving accurate score


I tweaked the visual formatting of my quiz summary page to the way I like it. 

For the next module of my project (separate file), I imported that quiz summary page so I don't have to reformat everything. Problem is, this imported summary page does not work properly. It's not calculating the score. It always says my score is 0% and that I've passed the quiz.

The altered summary page works fine in the original document that I made the changes in. Am I not able to import a quiz summary slide? Aside from simply importing the slide, do I need to do something else for it to work properly?


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Karen Siugzda

HI Wendy,

I deleted the "points" items from being displayed, as I only want to show the percentage.


But yes, I have looked in the Variables pop up window for the variables listed above and I can't find them there. Are system variables listed somewhere else?


Even when I intentionally fail the quiz, I get this:


Wendy Farmer

Hi Karen

SL automatically creates four system variables when you insert a result slide.  Since you are importing the result slide in might mean it is not creating them and therefore throwing this error.

See this peek video on how to check what result variables are in the project file, There will be four system variables for each result slide.

Karen Siugzda

Thanks for that info. That is where I was looking and no, the variables were gone. So apparently, the variables only appear if I insert a new quiz summary slide in to the document, not if I import a summary slide from another document.

So I inserted a quiz summary slide, the variables were properly added to the list and now my custom summary slide works and displays the stats properly. However, I do not need the storyline generated summary slide since i have my custom layout slide. When I delete the storyline generated summary slide, it deletes the variables! such a bummer.

So... I copy/pasted the contents of my custom summary slide onto the storyline generated slide and that seems to have solved the issue.

Moral of the story: you can not import a custom styled Quiz Summary slide. You must insert it through Storyline in order for the proper variables to set up.


Thanks for your help, Wendy.