Imported Sound Plays Automatically Despite Trigger

Jul 24, 2013

I want to have a click sound accompany a button, but Storyline seems to inconsistent in how it treats the audio, and causes the behavior of the click to change.

Here are the two audio snippets in the timeline:

Back click is an example of how the audio arrives in my project when I insert a sound. It plays at the beginning of the slide, no matter what trigger I put on it.

Forward click has been copied from another slide into this one (it started out formatted like Back Click). It works fine with triggers, BUT the format seems to shift back occasionally after saving.


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Matthew Graham

I believe you have two different sound uses going on here.  For the one that says Forward Click, I believe you may have made it work by adding a trigger to a button that plays media.  For the Back Click, you may have simply inserted audio to the project, which sets it to the timeline.

If you want to have a sound play for a button, be sure to use the "add trigger" link under the object.  Then choose play media, audio file, on click.  Conversely, inserting audio into the timeline is good to have background audio.

Aaron Toth

OK. I didn't realize adding the sound differently made a difference. I see now that I get the Forward Click version when I add it as a trigger. I get the Back Click version if I add it from Insert>Sound>From File...

Follow up question: can I have different triggers share the same audio file? Or should I have seperate audio files for each button? For example, the forward button and the back button should make the same sound.


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