Imported Studio Files Not Publishing Correctly

Hi all,

I've already submitted a case on this but figured I'd do a post as well in case anyone's run into this. I created a course in Storyline for a client, published it, sent it to the client, all went well. Until...their learning department came back and said they needed to add in some standard intro slides and a post-test. So they decided instead of reaching out to me to create their own, but since they didn't have Storyline, they used Studio. Then they tried getting the Storyline course into the Presenter file (they inserted it as a web object) but they couldn't get it to open within the course (it kept opening in a new window).

So...then they finally reached out to me and discussed what was going on. I told them to send me the files and I'd import them into the course and republish it. Simple. Right? I imported the files fine, but now this changed the starting slide for the course. I got that all set up correctly in Storyline, when I previewed it, it worked perfectly. But then I published...and it's still starting at the "old" first slide, even though it previews fine. AND it even shows in the Menu/outline correctly...strange.

Has anyone run into something like this? If so, how did you resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance!

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