Imported Translation Not Matching

I discovered a translation error this morning after receiving feedback from our translator. He sent us the translation document, I imported it into the course, formatted it to fit each slide, and sent it back for review. He came back with revisions for typos. 

I have not altered the text (aside from a few capitalizations), so I have no idea where these errors are coming from. I have attached screenshots so you have an example of the error (course and translation are Portuguese).

Is there a way we can fix this issue? It is not the first time our translators have noticed typos, and it's been a source of frustration for them. It wasn't until this morning that we realized the issue is not a translator communication error.

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Antony Snow

Hi Kelly,

It looks like Storyline has conducted an auto-correct based on the main dictionary language, which I suspect you have it set to English?

If you click on the Articulate icon in the top-left and then click on 'Storyline Options...' you will see a button half-way down called 'Spelling Options...'. Click on this and select Portuguese from the drop-down under 'dictionary'.