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Amy Herman

Hi Ashley!

You know all of the questions to ask and I know...pretty much nothing at this point. :) 

Now that you mention it, it's blurry pretty much everywhere. I edited the video, but I only removed a section in Final Cut Pro. I exported it at 1080p and it's currently a blurry mess. :(

Can I message it to you privately? I really appreciate all of your help.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

It sounds like the resolution may be changing in Final Cut Pro? I don't have Final Cut Pro (or really any other editing software) so if you've modified it there and exported it out - the resolution and how it's scaling may not match the story size settings you're using. Is it blurry on the slide itself or only after publishing it? If it's after publishing - you may want to look into the compression settings (SL2 allows you to have uncompressed MP4s). 

If it's blurry on the slide itself I'd look into the overall sizing/resolution - maybe try exporting at a lower resolution? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to combine those two files together in Storyline or sync their edits. Is your original recording with the video and audio done in Storyline? There isn't a built in way to edit out a middle chunk - but what I have seen users do is take that screen recording as a video on a single slide - make a duplicate slide. Then, on the first slide cut from the end to the beginning of the 20 second chunk you want to remove. On the second slide, go the opposite way - from the beginning to the end of the 20 second chunk. Now you've got two pieces of a video - and just place them on one slide together one right after the other in the timeline. It's not perfect or ideal - but when I've seen users mention it before, it seemed to work for them! 

Amy Herman

The original recording in Storyline didn't capture the audio, so I did it
in a voice memo on my phone. I couldn't think of ways to make this more
complicated if I tried. :)

The 2 slides idea is interesting, and definitely worth entertaining. One
question, though, is how does this affect the seek bar (that's what it's
called at the bottom, to fast-forward, right?)? I want my learners to be
able to fast forward or rewind if they've missed something.

Brent deMoville


I am fond of the AVS4You media suite.  It has a wide variety of audio and video editing tools.  One video tool is called Video Remaker and it is used to cut portions of a video out and re-save it without any file conversion or compression.


The whole suite is priced at $59 and I found it to be worth every penny.  I particularly like the audio editor which does a great job of removing background noise from voice overs and makes it easy to cut my breaths. It is a PC tool and since you use Final Cut, you may be on a Mac.