Imported Video quality on playback

Hi team,

I am trying to use imported MP4 videos in a storyline web based training  course but despite original videos looking o.k. (and they look o.k on storyline) they are blurred when viewed on review 360 or published on LMS.

-Although I had to resize the videos to fit the screen layout they were locked aspect ratio.

- I have tried setting the custom setting to the best for video and graphics.

- I have tried to turn off the compression on the video options but it is greyed out.

Can you help me?




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dan!

I've responded to you in this discussion as well! Keep me updated on your findings!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Openreach Design!

We can definitely help! It sounds like the images are blurry, specifically when publishing to Review 360 and LMS. Have you tried testing the course using Tempshare and SCORM cloud?

If the videos are still blurry in those environments, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers for in-depth troubleshooting. You can reach their team by submitting a support case.