Imported wav and mp3 files have very low volume?


I'm experiencing real problems with some recorded audio in Storyline. I have some wav files and when imported they are barely audible. There is sound but it's so low that it's unusable. I've also tried importing an mp3 version of the same file but I have the same issue.They both play fine in other media players and in Captivate.

Would anyone be kind enough to test this file in their copy of Storyline? I don't have any other users in the office to ask.

Would really appreciate it.


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Steve  Galway

Thanks for trying Carol. I appreciate it. My issue is that on my system the file sounds perfect in everything other than Storyline but editing, converting etc. makes no difference once imported to Storyline.

The problem is that this was all recorded off-site so recording again just isn't an option!

Thanks again for testing it


Steve  Galway

OK. Converted to Mono but same issue. On further investigation it only appears to be an issue with wav files created using an external mic through the 'line in' port on our audio recorder. I've no idea why as the files sound perfect in everything else. I can't understand why a simple conversion doesn't work either. Even an mp3 created from the original shows the same problem in Storyline. A wav file created on the same audio recorder but without using the external mic/line in works fine.

I'm really confused.


Steve  Galway

OK Now it's getting interesting ......... the same file(s) that are causing me problems in Storyline sound perfect when imported to Articulate Replay. The file I attached above sounds perfect in Replay.

I'm back to thinking Storyline is the issue here? Is this a possible bug/compatibility issue?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Finbarr, happy to help you sort this out! Can you provide a few more details about your file?

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • What tool did you use to record the audio? Is the file type MP3 or something else?
  • What is the audio volume setting in the Audio Tools Options tab? Low, Medium, High, or Mute?
Finbarr Wilson

Hi there I seemed to have sorted this out by magic. 

I was using storyline 360 with the latest update. 

The audio was recorded by a separate mic. The file that failed was an MP3. My audio guy re-recorded as a wav and that worked fine.

I am afraid I am not at the right computer to tell what my Audio Tools options were. 

I have attached one the files that worked fine outside of Storyline 360, but was horribly muted once imported. 



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Finbarr,

I'm happy to hear that converting the file to WAV did the trick. I was curious to see if the same problem would happen on my side, so I imported the MP3 into Storyline 360. You're right – something went awry in the import process, and the sound was completely off.

If you'd like help from our Support Team to investigate this further, you can start a case here!