Importing a flash course

Nov 15, 2013

I tried running a search but no matter what I searched for I just kept getting a no results could be found regardless of what keyword I used (I even used a word from a post I saw on screen).

Anyway I'm hoping to get some help from the Storyline community.  I have a flash course, the dev team is having difficulties manually SCORM wrapping it so that it will report properly to the LMS, we have some very basic test courses which we used to try out the SCORM code and it works fine, but for whatever reason it won't work when we apply the code to the flash course in question.  So I figured, why not try importing the course in to Storyline and let Storyline wrap it nicely in SCORM for us.  I read somewhere that you should be able to do it, but for the life of me I cannot find this info anywhere and can't figure it out.

So would anyone be able to lend a hand?  I have all the flash scene files and the master swf file, I just want to cheat a little bit and let storyline wrap it up for me.  Any ideas?   Thanks!

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