Importing a Large Scroll Image

Oct 17, 2012

I am trying to build a module with a scroll section that will allow the user to scroll and read through a document. This will be several pages. I've done a test before trying my real image, and it seems that Stoyline imports the image and resizes it to the stage size. If I resize the image to its true size, the image gets blurry and illegible even on export. Is there some setting to make it import at real size, or is there a cap to the image size/dimension that Storyline can import? Also, if there is a better way to achieve this type of scrolling document, let me know. I will continue browsing through tutorials.


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Hello Storyline users/staff,

I needed to create a simple scrolling panel with a 1600x2755px screen copy (.png / color depth 24). Pretty siple. But when I import this large image, storyline 360 resizes it. Then, if I resize the image to its true size, the image gets blurry and illegible even on export ; even if I use the box size and scale properties to bring the image back to 100% => it's 100% are under the real native size of the image.

Has anyone an idea of the reason of this ?

Thank you for help


Thank you for this quick response Michael (I like your blog a lot, thank you for sharing all your experiments :))

My problem was also that I wanted to insert my large image as image in a slider cursor so that I could use a second slider with the same variable to drive the first one (In that case I could put triggers to control layers appearence, for example, when cursor is value 90 out of 100 then show layer "information").

At last, the problem is that we can't insert au group of image to use it as the cursor of a slider.

And if I use a simple control panel, I can insert a bunch of tiled images (grouped or not) but there are no triggers affected to the control panel's tool (so that I can track my learner's behaviour with the scrolling bar and give him a warning for instance).

Hope it's clear...


Michael Hinze

Thanks Benoit, I didn't even know anyone reads my blog :-)

You can still tile a larger image and use the tiles as slider thumbs. Look at this example here. This looks like one very tall image but it is actually several sliders with picture tiles as their thumb fills. They are all controlled by the sliders on the right.

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