Importing a PowerPoint Slide Show

Hello, I have been sent a PowerPoint Slide Show (as apposed to a presentation). This slide show contains narration of slides and videos with screen capture.

I have tried to import into Storyline 2, however the narration and video have not imported.

Can anyone advise on how to import the slide deck with sound and video.


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Veronica Budnikas

Hi John,

I have tried to import a single slide ppt show (ppsx) with a screen recording and, as you say, the screen recording doesn't come through. (Video files, on the other hand, do come though when importing a ppsx)

It sounds like a bug, maybe?

Have you tried converting the ppsx file to pptx file? I tried doing this and it came through fine on import into SL2. To do this just open PowerPoint, go to File > Open. Select the ppsx file. The file should open in PPT. Then, Save As and choose pptx. You should then be able to import it into LS2 without problems.

Good luck and let us know if this worked for you :)