Importing a swf file

Please forgive my ignorance here; I´m attempting to do something I´ve never done in SL and I´m not finding the exact issue on the forums.

When I insert a swf into a slide I get this popup. 


I click Yes and insert the swf. I´ve imported three slides with three separate swfs. When I publish the content, everything seems to work fine. The only oddity is that I get this popup when I navigate from slide to slide.

I´m assuming there´s a clear reason this is happening, but I don´t know enough about swfs to know why it´s happening or if there´s a way to make it stop. Any input would be much appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Nadia!

I found a similar thread with recommendations for adjustments you can make to the SWF file.  You'll also want to take a peek at these Flash Movie best practices.  If you're still getting stuck, attach your file here, and other folks who have experience using SWF files can chime in and assist!