Importing an entire storyline project and retaining its links

How can I import storyline project 1 into project 2 and still keep the existing functionality of project 1 intact?

I tried just importing project 1 as a new scene into project 2 thinking that would do it, but I lost all the previous and next linking I had orginally created.

Anyone have any good news for me?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Noel,

Was the Storyline 1 project all contained in one scene or were they split over scenes? I'd go with the default option, Same as imported project, which will create a new scene for each corresponding scene that you import and will name each scene with the same name that it had in the original story and should keep all your links and jump to triggers together.

For more information on importing a Storyline project into a new project, please review the information here.