Importing an image sequence into a timeline

i would like to simulate animation by importing a series of "flipbook-like" images onto the timeline in sequence. Then the user could "animate" by dragging the seekbar back and forth.

Oh, and the images need to be "stacked," or distributed, on the timeline so they don't overlap each other. Sorry to make this so difficult.

Does anyone know if and how this can be done? Up for a challenge? Thanks.


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Michael Hinze

Up for a challenge? Always I wonder though if using the seekbar is the best way to 'animate'. See here an example of an image sequence and a slider. The images are custom sates of an object which are changed by dragging the slider back and forth. Also, you might want to have a look around for a third-part component that would provide nice, smooth animations for the your sequence and then bring that into Storyline. Here is just one example of many, many available Flash (or javascript) components