Importing Audio Files in Storyline 360

Mar 26, 2018


Is there a way yet to import multiple audio files across slides? Right now, I have to do them one by one and it's cumbersome. 

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Faye Suggs

Hi Leslie, 

Thank you for responding. I have used Presenter 360 to import audio files which is great however, there was some technical issues. When I imported the audio somehow they got overlapped when I published and it completely through me when I published and reviewed. I took every step possible to ensure that I inserted the correct files, but the technical issues were unique every time. For example, another file overlapped on another slide. I have been using Storyline 360 for most of my eLearning projects. 

Do you have any other recommendations or will that feature ever be available in Storyline 360? I am wondering why it's not possible at this time given that it has more capability and great features than Presenter. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for your feedback, Faye. Our product team is always keen to hear about customer needs, so I can certainly pass along your suggestion for a bulk audio import feature in Storyline. And feel free to share any other ideas you have here: Feature Request Form.

If you're having trouble importing multiple audio files into Presenter 360, we're happy to help you with that! We'll want to take a look at your Articulate Package--just go to the File tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, click Share, and choose Articulate Package.

This will create a zipped folder that you can send to us by clicking here. 

Kevin Fuell

It's been about 1.5 years since the original post, and I'm wondering if there's an update to the question of inserting audio files across multiple slides within Storyline.  I agree that the original Presenter functionality to insert audio via a GUI with all of the slides was a handy feature.  I'd like to see something similar for Storyline as it currently is a bit cumbersome if you have several audio files that you've tweaked and wish to re-insert.  My vote would be for the product improvement team to make this a higher priority. 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kevin. Thanks for checking in!

No update on this feature as of yet, but I'll share your voice with the right team and keep you posted on any new developments. Here's a peek into how we prioritize feature requests!

In the meantime, have you had a chance to check out the media library? If you have several assets, it can help to bulk import them to the media library in Storyline all at once. That way, all those assets are in one convenient spot, ready to be quickly added to any slide. 🤞

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