Importing audio into Storyline 360 leads to break down in audio quality

Nov 22, 2019

Dear Heroes! I am running into an issue I have not experienced before. I recorded some narration using Audacity. I export the files as mp3 and then import those mp3's into Storyline. Once I review the content the audio is recognizable lower quality than the original. To me it sounds like the volume is lower and there is "hollow" sound to it, that is not as pronounced in the original.

It is the first time I ran into the issue. I changed the publishing variables to "highest quality" possible. But it makes no change. For review I am adding two short audio files, one is the original, the other one is the one that I exported out of Storyline after adding it so we can compare. Any idea what is happening? My workaround for now is to increase the volume using the Storyline audio editor, but that does not make sound as crisp as the original. Thanks for your feedback!


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