Importing Audio Recorded in Stoyline 1 into Storyline 2

I am running into an issue with trying to import audio recorded in a Storyline 1 course into a Storyline 2 course. The first time I import the audio (either from importing those slides directly, or exporting the audio from Storyline 1 and uploading the files) and publish there is no issue.

Republishing the course after making edits warps the sound on several slides, randomly. Replacing those slides with the original audio maintains the warped sound. Has anyone run into this before? I am attaching the original audio files (Slide 1.3 has the warped audio when imported into Storyline2). Thanks!

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Sarah Thompson

Hi All - Long delay here but I am still having this issue. I have tried having my colleague export each audio file individually and send them to me (they were recorded in storyline 1) they were still warped (in storyline 2 and when I open the files outside of the program).  He says that he is unable to hear it. Any ideas if this issue is on his end, or perhaps my computer set-up? I have attached an example audio file. Thanks!