Importing Engage|Quizmaker into Storyline

Need some help...I am very new with Storyline. I am taking an older Articulate built product into Storyline. My Engage Intereactives do not work after publishing them to Articulate Online and include HTML5 output. I just get a blank screen. Also, my drag and drop Quiz works, however, my submit buttion is no longer there to submit my answer.

Also, there is a video in the project but the play back is this because I am playing off of Articulate on-line?

This brings me to another question...once I get everything working I would like to load it on Articulate on-line so my customer can view it AND pull it off onto his ipad (and see if it plays nice). This fuction has been disabled by Articulate. So, what can I do instead?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie and welcome to Heroes! 

Engage 09 interaction are not supported in HTML5 output or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. Engage 13 which was recently released allows for this functionality. 

Some other things to think about when importing Engage interactions into Storyline:

  • To import Engage interactions into Storyline, you must have Articulate Engage '09 installed on your computer and activated with a valid serial number.
  • When you import an Engage interaction into Storyline, a copy of your original interaction (.intr) file actually gets stored in the Storyline project file.  This means that you can transfer your story file to another computer or another developer and still edit the Engage interaction (as long as the other computer also has the Articulate Engage program installed and activated with a valid serial number).
  • Storyline imports Engage interactions as web objects, meaning they'll play as standalone interactions that are embedded into your story.  As a result, if the resume feature is enabled in an interaction, users will encounter a resume prompt when they revisit the interaction slide in your course.  If you want to disable this resume prompt, you'll need to uncheck the resume option in Engage.  Check out this article for more information.

In regards to the AMP, you can use it if you've published Storyline to Articulate Online, but you would need to select that option when publishing as described in this article. 

The drag and drop interaction, was this created in Storyline? There is the option to disable the Submit button within an individual slide properties, so you'll want to double check that you have the Submit checked to ensure they'll be able to submit the interaction. 

Articulate Online shouldn't have any problems playing your video - could you tell us a bit more about the video type, how it's inserted, what you've experienced in playback outside of AO?