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Feb 17, 2015

I am trying to embed an Engage '09 slide in to Storyline 2. I ma having several issues.

1) First, I imported the Engage file in to Storyline and then I couldn't preview anything in Storyline without it crashing. I could publish it, however.

2)When I looked at the result, the Engage slide appears smaller than the Storyline slide.

3) Because of the first problem, I decided to publish Engage to the Web and insert a Web object in Storyline. It took care of the crashing problem but Engage still doesn't fill the screen.

4) I tried resizing the Web Object but no matter how large I make the web object, it appears the same. (see attachment)

Please help.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Judy,

Please confirm that you are working locally as described here. You will not be able to preview Engage slides, but if they work in publish it should be ok. You will also want to test the published output in its intended environment. If you continue to see the issues, you could follow the steps here to see if this helps.

Judy Siegel

Thanks for your help but I am not able to reinstall anything and it wouldn't be easy to get IT to do it as well. Also, the crashing was only one issue. The other issue is that the Engage slide didn't match the size of the Storyline slide. So I deleted the interaction and simply created an Storyline slide that mimicked the Engage slide.

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