Importing existing course into 16:9 template

Hi there,

my organization has created a new template for storyline courses. Now we need to transfer existing 4:3 courses into a completely new template which is in a 16:9 format. I attached both the template as well as an existing course to this post if someone wants to give it a look. I deleted videos from the project to keep the file small.

Basically, what I am looking for is the most efficient way to transfer these courses. I have considered a few different ways (including copying the course object by object) and before starting, I was hoping that someone with experience could share their insight. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kolja,

Thanks for popping in to share what you are working on. 

It looks like you have two .story files vs. a .storytemplate file to create from a template.

I saved your template.story file as a template.storytemplate file and I've attached it below.

If you'd like to work in a single file, I'd recommend:

  1. Opening the course.story file
  2. Adjust the story size to the new requirement
  3. Import a slide from the template
  4. At this time, all of the layouts and/or slides will be available to you from within the course.story file.

I look forward to hearing from others in the community on how they adjust to these changes easily as well.