Importing/Exporting from potentially corrupt project

I think the answer to this is 'start again' but I'll ask anyway.

I was working on a project that opens in Storyline 2, but won't now let me save or publish and I can't revert to any .tmp files because they're not there (that was the suggestion of the support team).

Seeing as I can open the project and edit it (just not save), I was hoping that I may be able to copy some of the slides into a new project to save some time and duplication of work, but when I've tried this, I've selected 'all' and also individual slides but it's only imported the final slide.

Has anyone got any experience of this and a magic answer, or will I ultimately revert back to 'start again' and learn to save the project more frequently in the future?

Thanks for any help.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Andy,

i did check on your support case, and it does seem the file was corrupted. Have you tried using a save as to see if this option would work?

Storyline 2 also has an auto save function. Under Storyline options, you can set the number of minutes to autosave the files. Keep in mind that the file must be saved at least once for this to kick in.