Importing external evaluations in Storyline

Nov 24, 2015

Hello Everyone, 

We use an external survey authoring tool to create evaluations of our courses;  it generates a url which we store in the LMS as an evaluation to be launched by the end of a course.  I wanted to put survey in before the end of the course but it seems like Storyline 2 will allow me to import in an external quiz. However, before I embarked on recreating the quiz in Storyline, I wanted to ask if anybody else has had a similar experience or if anyone has found a workaround. 

*I believe this is my maiden question out to the community so I also want to say that I am really happy to be here.

Thank you!


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Sareeka Rai

That sounds like a good workaround. Thanks, Michael! One question: is there a possibility that being embedded as a Storyline web object could hinder the survey's ability deliver accurate  data on user ratings (as opposed to when it is configured to be a separate evaluation in the LMS and attached to the course?) Please let me know if my question sounded a little confusing. We use SABA for LMS. Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sareeka,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community and your first post!

I'd agree with Michael here, it sounds like a web object is your best option and you can review the information here on how to insert it into the course. Also it's worth noting that web objects can't be previewed, and if you're testing the published output you'll want to test in the intended environment as detailed here.