Importing glossaries and losing graphics

Hi I came across a rather odd mystery today and wondered if it has happened to anyone else. I had a glossary in one course and needed to import it to another existing course. I saved the glossaried course as a template (removing most of the slides before I did so. then I imported my new course into the template and saved it as a regular story file. Voila! My new course had the original glossary. But... then my graphics on my new course started disappearing and when I tried to replace them with the same graphics - those graphics didn't show either. I checked all the reasons why they wouldn't appear (show/hide button, timeline placement, format picture, etc.) I can take other random pictures and they will appear and even photos from the same series will appear, but some will not. All the photos are PNG files. Soooo. what the heck?!?!?!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Andrea!

Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out here, that does sound like some frustrating behavior! To start, are you working from your local drive or a network drive? You'll want to ensure that you're working from a local drive as working from a network can cause some erratic behavior. 

Also, is this something you're experiencing in any file or just the one? If it's just the one file, try importing your slides into a new file and working from that one. However, if you're seeing erratic behavior like this happening in other files you're working on in Storyline as well, I would recommend running this repair on your software

Keep me posted on everything! :)