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Christie Pollick

I see, Tara -- Thanks for the info, and while I am not able to endorse a specific tool for conversion (you can Google and find one that will work best for your needs), if you are able to convert your WMA into an FLV, MP4 or other on the list within the link provided, you should be able to use your GTW recording without incident.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tara -- Thanks for your reply, and if here is some info on Editing Videos after they have been imported into SL2. If you would like to perform more complex editing beyond the options listed, you may want to consider outside tools, and for recommendations on other options, I would need to defer to your fellow community members for their insights. 

Trevor W

We're trying to do the same thing and the file GoToWebinar gave of is crashing when we try to preview it in Storyline 2. I was able to open the file in Windows Movie Maker (which is free) and resaved it as MP4 again and then imported that new version of the video into Storyline 2. That worked.

This is something the Storyline 2 developers ought to look into. I attached the GoToWebinar video information from VLC.  

Crystal Horn

Hi Trevor.  According to the screenshot that you shared, I would imagine that your GTW would function properly as an .mp4 file.  When a particular piece of content causes crashing, we will frequently investigate if deleting and reinserting, or re-saving the file will mitigate any possible corruption with the file.

It sounds like re-saving did the trick for your .mp4, but if you'd like to work with our support team with your original GTW file for some testing, we'd be happy to help!