Importing grouped objects

Hello Everyone,

So I'm sure the answer is here, I just haven't seen it. 

I have an PowerPoint image made up of grouped objects.  When I import or copy/paste to my Storyline slide, the image transfers over as a hole image.

Will someone please tell me how to get the objects to transfer over and still allow me to group or ungroup as needed


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Emily Ruby

Hello Anthony!

Are you using Storyline 1 or 2?

I tested a PPT file with a few simple shapes, grouped them, then imported the file into Storyline 2. They came in as a grouped object, but I was able to right click and Ungroup them.

Please make sure that you are working locally with the PPT file and the SL file as described here.

Do you have the Powerpoint file you could upload here for us to look at?

Anthony Hearns

Hi Emily,

Thank you so, so much for your response. I am using Storyline 1, for this particular job. I do have Storyline 2, just have upgraded my current version.

Since my initial message, I have finally found a file in which the objects actually allow me to group/ungroup.

That said, instead of the actual States allowing a color fill, only the rectangular box is allowing a color fill.

I have attached the file for your review. Any suggestions and/or instructions on how to create the actual State color change effect would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,