Importing my Own Buttons

Dec 12, 2012

Is it possible to import and use buttons other than the ones already present in Storyline?

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David Anderson

Oh right on! Glad to hear that.

Regarding course expiration dates, there isn't anything like that out of the box. I imagine if you're delivering your course through a content or learning management system, it would be possible. But Storyline doesn't have a built-in feature.

I think that's how subscription training sites like, and others do it. Seems like it's easier for them to manage the site subscription over the content subscription.

So if your'e using something like WordPress, you can use a membership plugin to manage your user accounts access. If I were doing a subscription site, I'd go with this one from WPMU DEV.

Dharmesh Mehta

Site subscription is not possible for us, as we are not hosting the modules online. Had the expiry option been there, we could have managed both, the license-expiry and the unwanted distribution of the content. 

So it seems, other options have to come into picture. The ideas you suggested really contribute. Thanks again!

David Anderson

Thanks, Steve.

Dharmesh - you can change the default value to another number, but you need some value.

You could make a graphic that looks like the input field, place it over the input field and assign a trigger to it that changes the state to hidden when the user mouses over. Hiding the stunt-double graphic would make the original numeric field visible and display the "0" when the user was ready to enter a value.

Please consider submitting a feature request if this is something you'd like to see changed.

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