Importing Player Templates

I created some standard SL Player Templates for my team and used the Export option in the Player Properties window so could save the template files (the .xml files) to a common folder from which all my team could import it into their projects. This was working fine up until recently. I started getting an error last week while working on a SL file. It is the error message "Available Memory is Low - It is strongly recommended you close any unneeded applicatoins and save your project". It appeared when I clicked the Player button in the toolbar. The message is deceiving because I had no other applications open and tons of memory available. I have also easily worked on much larger files than the one I was currently working on (only 12 slides). I was still able to work and save my file, but could not preview or publish it (it starts to preview but then the progress bar locks up). I checked this Forum and found a number of proposed solutions. I tried copying and pasting my slides into a new project. This worked, but required a fair amount of editing since it does not paste over accurately. I then played around and tried the 'Import' option from the Articulate logo sub-menu to move my "bad" file into a new project. This worked extremely well and I did not have to do any edits afterwards. However, once I saved the project, closed, and then re-opened it, I got the same nasty error message again when I clicked the Player button. After consulting with my team who work with SL, we ran a number of tests and have narrowed it down to the actual Player Templates I created. They were working fine a few monthsa ago, but now whenever I Import them or select them from the 'Open' drop-down menu  in the Player Properties window, save and close the file, and then re-open it - I get the error. I have no idea what would cause 4 Storyline Player template files to become corrupted all of a sudden, but it appears that this is currently a risk.  I then imported a template (.xml) that one of my other Learning teams created and it worked okay (I did not get the error message), but the Logo did not import.  So, I will be recreating the Player Templates, but rather than export them to an .xml file, I will save them in a blank project (just one blank slide) as a .story file. This appears to be a safer and more secure option.   

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Adrian Dean

Hi David,

Welcome to Heroes! Thanks for providing what issues you were having and how you resolved them. I've seen some of these issues coming up, so if they still keep occurring for you down the road, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't mind opening up a Support case so that it can be further investigated. If you could include one of the player templates as well as the actual .story file, that would be appreciated.

Always Happy to Help,