Importing Powerpoint Slides from Mac fails

I am running Storyline's most current version in Parallels on a Mac. I am attempting to import a Powerpoint presentation (that was created on PowerPoint for the Mac). I have attempted this by trying to start a new project from Powerpoint and by using the Import PowerPoint features. Both options fail.

I have tried this using both .pptx and .ppt file formats to no avail.

Can someone offer me an answer?

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Stephan Boehme

Hey Alyssa,

What version of Storyline are you using?
- storyline-2

What version of PowerPoint is installed on Windows?
- Powerpoint 2010

After saving the PowerPoint file via Acrobat, are you able to open those files in PowerPoint?
- yes, no prob

Maybe I can upload a file and you'll chekc it? Is that possible?