Importing PowerPoint Slides Hangs Indefinitely at Reading Until Crash

Oct 13, 2015

Storyline and Storyline 2 are now both, for some inexplicable reason, incapable of importing a PowerPoint (2010) presentation as a new scene/slide. Previously, this was only happening in SL2, but now the scourge has extended to the older and less shiny brother.

What happens:

You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

This. Forever. When I try to "X" it out, nothing happens. When I try to close the program from the spinning wheel of death, nothing happens. I have to end the task every time.

So before you ask (because I did do my homework on this issue):

  • Yes, the PP and SL files are on the same HDD — they're in the same folder.
  • Yes, PP and SL are using the same permissions.
  • No I don't have two versions of PP installed, and no there is nothing wrong with PP itself or the files I am trying to import (they open just fine in PowerPoint).
  • Yes, both PP and Storyline (1 and 2) are updated to the current service pack and/or version.
  • Yes, this happens with every single PP file I attempt to import, even a fresh file I make one minute before importing.

So what gives? This is a massive inconvenience and it was not happening a couple weeks ago. What changed?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Buel,

Thanks for letting us know you went through all those steps already. You mentioned it just started happening - so I'd suspect there may be something new on your machine that is causing the issue.  Have you looked in to if there were any Windows updates installed recently? 

It may be easier to troubleshoot this with our Support engineers as they'll be able to help you pull some system information. 

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