Importing question banks from another story

Oct 01, 2012

Is this is possible?

I've got a course comprised of about ten separate Storyline files, each having a quiz consisting of several questions. I want to create one file that includes each of these quizzes.

Following one of the tutorials, I imported the quiz slides from several projects into this new catch-all file, but the question banks don't import along with the slides. Because the associated quiz questions aren't present, the imported quiz slides don't display.

I've looked everywhere for a way to import a question bank from another story, but can't find one. Will I need to recreate all of the questions? That's such a laborious process that I'm hoping there's an easy technique I'm missing.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


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Allan Dunlop

Thanks for responding, Brian.

I've seen that tutorial, and the other associated ones. Here's the thing that's got me scratching my head:

"Question banks are file-specific, meaning they only pertain to the story in which they're located.  However, like any other slides in your story, question bank slides can be imported into a different story if you want to reuse them."

Here it talks about importing question bank slides into another story, but not the question banks themselves. When I tried going ahead and importing the slides themselves, the associated questions didn't come along for the ride.

Can anyone pass along the specific steps for moving the banks themselves between projects, or is this not possible?


Julie B.

Hello Allan, Hello Brian,

I am facing the same problem...I worked yesterday on story files that had two question banks...

When opening my files now I cannot see any of my Question Banks anymore....

...this is a big pb for me as I do not wish and won t have time to recreate this 2 questions come I can see them on another licence&computer and not on my computer anymore?

should I submit a case?

Heeeeelp thank you!


Allan Dunlop

Hi, Julie.

I had submitted a case to Articulate support, and neglected to post their response here. This worked for me:

Hi Allan,

You might find the steps below interesting.

First, please make sure that you have the updated version of Storyline (V1.1.1208.1316).

Then follow the steps below:

1) Create a new Storyline file

2) Click the Articulate button > Import > Storyline

3) Select the .story file that has the Question Bank

4) From the Insert Slides window, don't select the ordinary slides anymore. Look for the questions under the Question Bank section and select all the questions.

5) At the bottom left corner of that window, "Insert into scene" should be "Same as imported project".

6) Click the Import button

You might not see any change in your Scene or Slide but if you check your Question Banks from the menu above, you will notice that the Question Bank from the other story file is added.

Can you confirm if you were able to do this also?

I hope this helps.


Jonathan Reque

Customer Support Engineer

Allan Dunlop

This one kind of threw me at first. I had tried importing the'Draw from Question Bank' slide, which I had labeled 'Quiz', instead of importing the quiz slides themselves. The questions in my story were at the very end, so I had to look at the very bottom of the slides displayed in the ‘Insert Slides’ window. I’m attaching a screen shot from one of mine (the slides labeled 'Lane position' are the quiz slides).

Try going into the original project and looking at the titles of the question slides, then you know what you’ll be looking for when you do the import. It’s worth figuring this out. Being able to do this saved me a huge amount of time recreating the questions.

Let us know if this works for you, Julie.



Julie B.

mm ok ...thank you so much for your answer..

i think I will open a new conversation...

my problem might come from the IT team that have provided me with a new computer and re installed SL....and even in my source first .story file ...I see the Quiz slide but I dont have nothing left in my question in the original project....

buuuuu........I will not give up!

Thank you Allan!

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