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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Morten,

Do you want choice level feedback - that's when you'd use the (|) after the answers? If you leave out the pipe - the default will be question level feedback and there is not a way to select "no feedback" as a part of the import.

You'd have to do that manually. For more info on the import process take a look at the tutorial here. 

Morten Tvedten

No, I want no feedback at all. Just a score at the end.

Really strange that the default feedback can't be avoided, since it is very annoying for the user to have to click those away after every question.

And having to manually go through 60+ questions and delete every "That's right! You selected the correct response." and "You did not select the correct response." - is just dumb... sorry

In an exam setting where they may take the quiz again, you do not want to give away the correct answers.

(Your link did not work, by the way)