Importing questions: Template examples for all available question types

Hey guys,

Would you be so kind to direct me where can I find the template examples for all kind of offered questions by Articulate? (all of the possible questions configurations are listed here:

I have found only syntax for Multiple Choice question,  how to make it look in Excel. I attach it here in case anybody needs it.
However, how would such an import-template look, say, for Pick One question, where you can pick images? How to deal with images pool in such a case with Excel file?
And how do Excel parsing systems look for all the rest of the questions categories?

Thank you very much!

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Matthew Bibby

At the top of the article you linked to above, it has the abbreviations for the different question types. So I suspect you can use these (along with question text as per the multiple choice example) to import placeholder for the different questions, then go into Storyline and manually add your images for pick 1 etc.

There might be more options, I'm not 100%. It's been a long time since I've imported questions into SL.