importing quizmaker into Storyline

Hi.  I'm new to importing quizmaker into Storyline, so pardon my terminology.  I followed the instructions provided and the quiz slides did import.  But my slides in Storyline do not show the text of the question until I click on the slide and open it.  These were "group" questions in quizmaker and it appears that each group in dropping into one slide.  Seems to be a very difficult way to deal with the questions.  I undertand they are in layers. So on the slide, I just see a giant question mark.  How do I see each question in the group?  Can that only be done by edit and looking at the layers?

Also, the number is off.  The first slide should be question 1, but it says "13 question group 2."  What does that mean and how do I renumber them?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jan,

It looks like when you imported the questions they were imported into a Question Bank. You'll need to click on that slide (3.1) to access the question bank and be able to see all the questions. As far as the title you're seeing, that's the title of the Question bank, not an individual quiz questions. 

You'll find additional information here on how to work with a question bank. 

Jan Morris

Yes, they imported into a bank and I'm guessing it is because they were groups in Quizmaker.  I got it working, but it is a lot more clicking to edit slides than what I'm used to in Quizmaker and the naming is very odd.  Some are quiz banks and some are quiz groups.  

Also, is there a way to mark every slide in every bank with "none" for feedback?  I was only able to figure out how to go into every question and set that.  Would be nice to mark them all at once.

Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jan,

How the questions are imported will depend on how they were set up within Quizmaker. Question groups that are set to randomize in Quizmaker will be imported into Storyline as question banks. Question groups that are not set to randomize in Quizmaker will be imported into Storyline as normal slides in the selected scene.

There isn't a way to mark them all as "none" in regards to Feedback, you'll need to edit each individual question.