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Tony Hersey

Hi Andrew,

In your new file, click file > import > Storyline.  Browse to your existing .story file and click Open.  A dialog box will come up with all of your scenes and slides in the file.  Choose the ones you want, then at the bottom, choose to add them to a new scene and click ok.

That should do it.


Thanks Tony! I've got the answer now.

Hey Leslie, since you are a staff, could you please enlighten me. I've got this trigger thingy and once in a while, it sort of gets squeezed up. There are 2 small arrows, one up and one down. I am unable to see what the triggers are unless I scroll the arrows, and then I could only see a row at a time. I hope I expressed it clearly enough. If not, I will try to add an attachment.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrew! Glad that you were able to find the answer that you needed.

Now, as far as your 'trigger thingy', it sounds like you may be describing the trigger panel and you cannot always see the contents in it.

I've seen others mention that re-docking panels assists with this:

To redock all panels at the same time, go to the View tab on the Storyline ribbon and click Redock All Windows.

You also want to be sure that you are working with 96 DPI as not doing so can cause some strange display views as well.