Importing scenes with existing variable - SL2

I want to import a scene that consists of a series of multiple choice questions and a results slide. When I go through the normal import procedure I get a window which says I already have results variables. (I already have a separate set of questions with their related results slide. I want both, kept separately.) The window offers me two options - merge the two sets of results, or rename the imported variable. That's great, except that only the first option is 'live' and it's the second option I want. How do I make the second option available so that it is selectable?

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Geoffrey Allan

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have only a local drive so that's one problem that doesn't arrive..

I had tried to click on the second option but got no response.

I have since got around the problem by removing the results slide, importing the modified scene, and then adding a results slide back again. This also got around my other problem (being unable to edit a variable) because the new results slide offered me the chance to say which results should be included - no need to rename the variable.