Importing SL1 file to SL2 - issue with multiple response


I started working on an eLearning in SL1 and now upgraded to SL2. For some reason when working with the file in SL2 some, not all, check boxes used with the multiple respone slide have another position.Do I need to insert a completely new multiple response slide and copy/paste my text to get it right?I have quite a few slides with multiple response and Ido want to getit right but withminimum this a bug when importing SL1 file to SL2?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Urika,

I just did a quick test, in SL1 created a new Multiple Response quiz with 6 choices, 3 correct. Saved. Opened in SL2. Looks fine. All check boxes are aligned properly.

So, not sure what's going on with your file. Did you modify the MR quiz in SL1, moving items from their original position? Wonder if that would cause an issue.

Can you upload your SL1 version here? Maybe community members can download and open in SL2...see if they run into the same issue you're having.

Ulrika Holtenäs

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for quick response!

I did the same test as you, created a Multiple Response quiz with 6 choices, 3 correct and saved it. When I opened it in SL2 it looks fine and all check boxes are aligned properly, but if I go to Form View and add two more choices and then go back to Slide View - the two new choices are not aligned with the ones I created in SL1.

I have uploaded my test file (I hope then I got no confirmation that the upload was complete).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ulrika,

Thanks for sharing the file here. Following your steps I was able to replicate this behavior in a new file that I created in SL1 and then updated to SL2. I'll share this with our QA team for additional review.

In the meantime, I am able to adjust the overall width of the answer choice and make it line up with the other choices by adjusting the width of the box from the left hand side.