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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Wendy! That is certainly strange!  I did some testing on my end, and I wasn't able to reproduce the behavior. Is this happening with every Storyline 2 module you import into a Storyline 360 project, or just the one? We would be happy to test you files for you, if you would like. You can send them to us privately here

Wendy Farmer

Hi Alyssa

haven't  checked another file just yet but what is also strange is all the images on the opening screen don't display but still appear in the timeline.  

I've tried this file twice both times with same result. I'll pop it through for your review...no rush i was just testing. This didn't happen when I followed same steps (with other files) during beta so it may just be something funky with this file.  Be good to know what it is though.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Alyssa

case number # 00942852

I've uploaded the original SL2 file, the 360 file and a video of how I imported.

Interesting twist - when I saved the file the front screen images appeared...but still can't preview entire project.

Also this is the feedback screen once files uploaded - search bar is 'chinese'.

Wendy Farmer

Yes Leslie it's set to English -

I changed it to French then back to English and now the search bar showing English. Then when I refreshed the screen it went back to Chinese.

Update: I went into Account settings and the preferred language field was 'blank' so I selected English from dropdown

On the KB screen the search bar shows English but on the Support site (Got it screen) it's still Chinese when I refresh that screen.

J. Williamson

I am experiencing the same problem. I created a project in SL2. We were having problems with it running in IE after publish, so it was suggested I download the 30-day trial version of 360 and import.  I did this, and now the project with not preview.  All slides are set to automatically advance (there is no user interaction).  Is it because I'm using the 30-day trial?

Mary Ann Ahearn

Hi I am experiencing similar problems updating a Storyline 2 project into Storyline 360. I can see all the images and text of every screen when viewing in story view and in scene view, but when I open certain screens my base layer is missing altho the layers are there.  Any triggers associated with elements on the base layer are also missing.

Can you help with this?