Importing sound from a file

Mar 14, 2014

Hello everyone.

I am trying for the first time to import an MP3 into a project. the MP3 is the narration of the slides recorded when the presenter delivered the session face-to-face.

The instructions seem pretty straightforward and felt pretty confident.  However the result isn't what I was expecting and so I have concluded yet again I have done something wrong.

So this is what I did.

  1. I imported the PowerPoint slides into a new project
  2. I selected the first slide and chose the insert sound option (sound from file)
  3. Althuogh the audio uploaded, the content in the timeline disappeared and was replaced with a red cross as per the attached whihc appears on every slide. Rightly or wrongly I was expecting to see the audio inserted as it would if I recorded audio via a mic.

So I am baffled.  I can open the audio editor.  But I can't see the various objects, set cue points and sync the audio to these.

What have ai done wrong???????

Thanking you in advance for your help.



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