Importing storyline 2 scenes together.

I have built several 50 slide scenes with many different variables in each scene. I wanted to work on the scenes separately so i would not have such a large file. I have completed each scene and also renamed the variables in each scene so when I combine them all there would be no naming conflict with the variables. I combined the scenes and only scene 1 works correctly. The variable for the other scenes do not even show up. Dang no I have a mess to cleanup if storyline cannot combine these scenes into one storyline file. and example of the variable naming convention I used is SumTotalCost, scene 2 2SumtotalCost and scene 3 3Sumtotal cost. I made a text reference to the Sum number and it works in scene 1 but in the other scenes it show up as text reference and not calculated number value. The files work great independently. Will not merge.

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Mike Battles

I am using SL2 also. It asks me nothing about variables. I included a screenshot in the attachment. On the bottom of the screen in the dropdown box it ask to import into current scene, new scene, or same as imported, it has no option about retaining variables. Once I make the selection and hit import it imports slides and asks no further questions. No option about variables. The only variables retained is the the scene that I am importing to not from. In other terms the 1st scene in is the owner Hope that makes sense.Thanks for helping

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

We've seen this happen when a variable is created in File A, the file is copied/duplicated to create File B, and then the variable is renamed. Upon importing File B into File A, the variable name reverts to what is was originally. Does that sound like it matches your situation? 

It's been a very rare situation in Storyline 2, but it is something we reported to our team. When bugs are reported they follow the process here to determine how we tackle those bugs.

If you think you've run into something else, please let me know! Otherwise, I can include this discussion in the report filed with our team.